Old Pine Trees

Old Pine TreesOld Pine Trees is one of Hertervig’s main works from his second large oil painting period. The motif is a fantasy landscape based on sketches of virgin forests near Tysvær. The three focal trees represent the forest’s rotting process, and stand in contrast to a clear, restful sky. The composition is punctuated by a verticality that disrupts the rationalized composition we find in Hertervig’s earlier paintings, of foreground, mid-ground and background. Contrasting sizes of pictorial elements are intensified when one notices, on the picture’s left side, tiny figures standing by a tree on a crag.

CollectionKode Art Museum of Bergen
Timespan1865, 19-th, 19th, 19th century, Second half of the 19th century, 3 quarter of the 19th century
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Subject Termsportraits, portrait, oil paint (paint), oil paints (paints), canvas (textile material), canvass, landscapes,
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