More than 35.000 years ago, a member of a community living at the entrance of Altamira advanced deeper into the cave and, in a lower ceiling, drew a big abstract sign among other figures. 20.000 years later, people from other communities that also lived at the entrance of the cave, added a charcoal drawing of some bisons to these drawings or paintings in red and black. Shortly after, a natural collapse kept the cave closed until nowadays. In the ceiling of the polychrome bisons of Altamira different communities made their drawings representing animals and also abstract drawings between 35.000 and 13.000 years ago. These are the images symbolizing or chronicling the expression of their ideas and most important thoughts. Today, they conform the most representative work of the first Art, held in European caves: a masterpiece of the Universal Art.

CollectionMuseo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira
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Subject Termsanimals, cave paintings, cave drawings, Upper Paleolithic, Paleolithic, Upper, rock paintings, rock drawings (rock paintings), colours, pigments, and paints
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