Evening Game in Svanninge Hills

Evening Game in Svanninge HillsEvening Play in Svanninge Hills is a monumental painting, where cogent and sensitive qualities play with lines in both landscape and firmament, and combines with the light of the sky against the hilly landscapes’ dark silhouettes. The sun is setting into gloam, and subtle evening clouds are indigo violet against an intense blue and pink sky. There is silence in the landscape and the darkness of twilight, which is emphasized by the movement from the drifting clouds on the light evening sky. The romantic twilight sky and the undulated landscape can symbolize youth, erotic and young love. The young people are shown outside their daily routine and they are participating in yearly returning outdoor customs, as Syberg writes about in his memoirs: “…When the Evenings in September started to grow long, we would gather, either in the Barn or out in the Field, sometimes a big Flock, where all the Farmhands and Maids from the Neighbour Farm turned up. We danced and played, as it was called. We did not have any other Music than our Singing.”

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CollectionFaaborg Museum
TimespanSecond millenium AD, Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000, 1900, 20-th, 20th, 20th century, Early 20th century
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Subject Termspainting (image-making), painted (image-making), oil paintings (visual works), oil painting (visual work)
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