The Small Ring

The Small RingThe Small Ring, a mid-period oil painted in the loose expressionist manner Yeats perfected during the late twenties, shows a young boxer in a London club at the moment when he has felled his opponent. Everything seems to stop for an instant (except for the racing donkey, one of Yeats's chief delights, in the picture on the wall), as the young man visibly grows in stature, to become a golden haired hero with a spotless body. Yeats enlarged his work beyond the West of Ireland themes to a subject matter that was universal, showing himself to be far beyond his Irish contemporaries in style and concept. The young boxer is no longer merely a local boy, but becomes emblematic of mankind's aspirations, translated into a mythology that is applicable to the human race.

CreatorYeats, Jack B. (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionCrawford Gallery
Timespan20th century
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Subject TermsPainintg, oil on canvas
ProviderIrish Manuscripts Commission

In This Year: 1930