Francois I and Diane de Poitiers

Francois I and Diane de PoitiersThis painting depicts a scene at the Renaissance court of the king of France, François I, where Diane of Poitiers has come to beg for the life of her condemned father. The central figure of the old woman holding a bible is flanked on one side by the King and Diane, on the other by two young lovers and at her feet a dwarf sits. There is no identified source text for the painting, however it can be linked to the story of the visit of Diane to the King of France, a very popular lore of that country.

CreatorMaclise, Daniel (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionCrawford Gallery
Timespan19th century
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Subject TermsPainitng, oil on canvas
ProviderIrish Manuscripts Commission

In This Year: 1834