BassoonBassoon made of dark stained brown wood, in four joints (wing, butt, bass and bell) with brass crook, mounts and keywork. Bell of standard flare design. Wing joint does not belong with the rest of the instrument. Nine keys mounted in saddles, with the exception of the wing joint C-sharp key, which is mounted in pillars. The two thumb keys of the wing joint, along with the C-sharp key, have round cups and touches. The remainder keys have flat touches and covers. Nominal pitch: C. This instrument is part of the Frampton-on-Severn volunteers' collection, which was acquired by Squire Nathaniel Winchcombe of Stratford House, Stroud, in August of 1798. At his own initiative and expense, Winchcombe raised a volunteer force as a result from the passing of the Volunteer Defence Act of April 1798, and purchased musical instruments that were to be loaned to the music band constituted by members of the corps.

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