Oboe in C

Oboe in COboe made of turned brown stained wood, in three sections (top and middle body joints, and bell), with silver keywork. English classical-style with turned bobbin finial, beads, bulbous balusters, bell flare with lower straight section below the bead, and prominent rim. Two keys (E-flat and C) mounted on raised rings, with flat, circular covers, and flat springs attached to keys. E-flat key with circular touch and side spurs. The C key is broken, but it probably had a typical swallow-tail touch. Double third and fourth fingerholes, with oval coves. Two vent holes in bell flare. The instrument has two small insets of wood between the second and third, and the fifth and sixth fingerholes, that were probably meant to fit the instrument with two more keys, since they conceal drilled holes. Nominal pitch: C. This instrument belonged to Frederick Tekell, who played it in Chalford and Bisley churches.

CollectionGloucester Life
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