Bell harp

Bell harpBox zither with 10 steel strings, in two groups of 5 for each pinblock disposed diagonally on the soundboard. Wooden box structure nailed together, but brass tacks were used to secure the decorative frame over the lid top. The pinblocks were secured to the soundboard through large screws from bottom. The lid has two holes for tuning pin access. Square-headed tuning pins. Strings run free from pinblocks down to bridge/saddle section. Metal bridge saddle (probably brass). One brass thug (foot/bumper) missing. This instrument is also known as 'Fairy Bells', which was played by English and French street musicians in the late 19th century and early 20th, and as a domestic and convivial instrument. The player holds the instrument in both hands, and the thumbs pluck the strings. At the same time, the instrument is swung to produce an undulating sound.

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