The banking executives of the Jonnes e C. bank, are preparing and discussing the shipment of a large sum of money. A porter, who is cleaning the office, spies them. The box with the money is brought to the lonely railway station to be embarked on the midnight train, along with another box. The guardian, whom the box with the money is entrusted, wants to watch over it personally in the warehouse; but soon he is overcome by sleep and dreams that many hands are fumbling in the dark to open the box. He suddenly wakes up and sees with horror a hand coming out of the second box. Strange rumors outdoors make him understand while that an accomplice of the robber is waiting outside. But the brave guardian manages to raise the alarm. The video is a copy from the film print held by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and previously restored by the EYE Filmmuseum: 35 mm, positive, acetate, 258 m, 13’ at 18 fps, black and white / colour (Desmetcolor), Dutch intertitles, silent.

CollectionMuseo Nazionale del Cinema
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Subject Termsmotion pictures (visual works), motion picture (visual work), short subjects, short subject, Drama
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