Pina Menichelli, plays a vivacious provincial girl who is contended by two big names of the Italian cinema: Ruggero Ruggeri and Amleto Novelli. Ruggeri, around whom this breezy story revolves, is a classic bon-vivant and a father who wants to rejoin his up to then neglected son: Amleto Novelli, the simple and good-hearted kind of type, who looks a little bit overage for playing the son’s role, a part which would have required a ten years younger actor. Torn between two men and two ways of life, Menichelli wanders around on her bike, adorned with flowers, showing off a naturalness that surprises those who knew only her more typical decadent interpretations. But, however, it is not a coincidence that at the end she prefers the Parisian allure of the father’s way of life, to the rustic idyll with the son. The video is a reversal from the film preserved in 2012 by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin from a colored positive nitrate film and a dupe negative conserved in Turin.

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