A report of the Treaty of Trianon, the peace agreement signed on June 4, 1920, at the end of World War I, between the Allies (the Entante Powers) and the Kingdom of Hungary (one of the successor states to Austria-Hungary). The Hungarian delegates, led by Count Albert Apponyi de Nagyappony, visit Paris, while they wait for the peace terms. Upon receiving the peace terms, they return to Madrid Castle. The Hungarian pressmen are working hard to finish the documents. The Romanian delegates (Ion Cantacuzino, Dimitrie Ghica, Caius Brediceanu, Ion Pelivan and Nicolae Titulescu) are working on the text together with their advisers. The Yugoslavian delegates (Patchich, Trumbich, Zogler, Radovich and Rybar) also discuss with their advisers, preparing the documents. The representatives of the "Little Entante": Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The peace treaty is signed in Trianon. The arrival of the Hungarian delegates, who are received with honors. The delegates sign the Treaty. The King of Greece is a witness at the ceremony.

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