Luncheon, Image 1, Le Déjeuner, Image 1

Luncheon, Image 1, Le Déjeuner, Image 1Tapestry Dimensions: H 11'6" x W 11'3", Tapestry Materials/Techniques: wool (warp); wool & silk (weft), Culture: French, Weaving Center: Beauvais, Ownership History: French & Co. purchased from C. L. Blair 3/11/1922; sold to William Randolph Hearst 4/3/1924 [SS 11450]. French & Co. purchased from William Randolph Hearst, invoiced 11/25/1939; sold to Museum of Fine Arts 4/[?]/1940 [SS 19590]. United States, Massachusetts, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts., Inscriptions: City mark on lower guard, right: [fleur-de-lys] A.C.C.BEAUVAIS, Young woman seated on ground looks up towards young man seated behind her who offers her grapes & 2 boys who hold bunches of grapes (L), facing towards her is another young woman seated on ground & holding handle of basket of fruit, a young man approaches behind her carying pitcher on rope in R hand & staff with bunch of grapes suspended by ribbon resting on his L shoulder (R), little boy with sheep (far R); classical ruin with relief with 3 putti on L, rustic fence in middle ground on R, (BRD) picture-frame border with curling parsley leaves; (UPR BRD) centered by coat of armsimpinging on field, French & Co. stock sheet in archive, 11450, French & Co. stock sheet in archive, 19590, Townsend, BullMFA 38 (1940), 82-86, Wark, Huntington (1961), 68-69, Related Works: Compositionally similar tapestries (same cartoon): GCPA 0241690 (Huntington Art Gallery), 0241724 (Set A), 0241709, Stotesbury coll., Sir George Alexander Cooper coll., Image 1 of 2

CreatorBoucher, François (French, 1703-1770) (author of design) [painter], Charron, André-Charlemagne (French, fl.1754-1780) (workshop) [weaver], French (Search Europeana for this person)
CountryUnited States of America
CollectionGetty Research Institute
Timespanc. 1756-1778
RightsDigital images courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.
(Digital images courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.)
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Subject TermsGenre: Pastorale
ProviderJ. Paul Getty Trust