Pokazatelji i indeksi kakvoće podzemnih i površinskih voda istočne Hrvatske

Pokazatelji i indeksi kakvoće podzemnih i površinskih voda istočne HrvatskeWater quality index analyzes group of defined chemical parameters used to describe water quality of certain geographic area, with a purpose of management of water resources and reducing health problems resulting from poor water quality. This doctoral thesis has been made with a purpose of classification and evaluation of raw water quality of ground and surface waters. Samples were collected during 4 years (2010 - 2013) on 40 locations used for public supply for groundwater, and 2 measuring sites for surface water in the same time period. The results showed that groundwater quality varies according to spatial distribution, and that the most toxic parameters are arsenic, manganese and iron, so it is advisable for water to be processed before distribution. Results of multivariate analysis showed that sites can be grouped in seven clusters. Values of LSI, RSI and PSI point to the fact that analyzed waters tend to have slight tendency for scaling, or are slight corrosive. With a purpose of classifying ground and surface waters analyzed in this thesis, four already published water quality indices were used, while one is modification od WQIIN, based on the results of multivariate analysis. Used methodology is based on WQI, and for determination average values of 16 parameters were used: pH, turbidity, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, chlorides, TDS, fluorides, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, sodium, phosphates, arsenic and iron. Based on calculations of WQIIHR, it is possible to make a map that can help to assess and provide easier interpretation of water resources management. Water quality index WQIIHR, which has been modified for this region can describe adverse effects of water quality in much better way than other indices, which provides stricter evaluation.

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