Heidi Weber Museum Centre Le Corbusier: An independent structure in concrete

Heidi Weber Museum Centre Le Corbusier: An independent structure in concreteThe Heidi Weber Museum is a "Gesamtkunstwerk" and reflects the harmonic unity of Le Corbusier's architecture, sculptures, paintings, furniture designs and his writings which is unique and possibly the only one such existing structure in the world - a total work of art. Located on the wooded shores of Lake Zurich, the last building designed by Le Corbusier, synthesizes Corbusier's genius. Yet it marks a radical change of his achievement of using concrete and stone so poetically. He framed his final masterpiece in steel and glass and thus created a signpost for the future. Le Corbusier made great use of prefabricated steel elements together with multi-coloured enamelled plates fitted to the central core, and above the complex he designed a 'free-floating' roof to keep the house protected from both the rain and the sun.

CollectionMuseum Heidi Weber Centre le Corbusier
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