1989/XI-14/I/25. Glazed ware with brown and green overall Sgraffito. Deep body, carinated form, rim bevelled inwards, splaying high foot. White slip over interior and exterior. The internal decoration consists of a wedding couple, the male holding a sword. Rosette and vertical wavy line in the field. A hatched band runs on the internal walls. The external decoration consists of a group of parallel rings combines with zigzag lines. Under the carination there is a group of parallel lines. Provenance: Nicosia, Androkleous and Pindareos Street

(Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus)
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Subject Termsglazing (coating process), glazed (general coating process), ceramic glaze, ceramic glazes, sgraffito (technique), decoration, graffito, Byzantine art, Archaeology, glaze (coating by location), glazes (coatings by location), clay, clays, Byzantine (culture and style)
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