A hollow cross with rounded edges. It was used as eulogia or reliquary. This part of the cross shows Virgin Mary in the iconographic type of Kyriotissa at the centre surrounded by the four evangelists in medallions. Provenance: Church of Saint Epiphanios, Saint Epiphanios Oreinis

(Byzantine Museum of Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and Oreinis)
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Subject TermsMadonna (i.e. Mary with the Christ-child) accompanied or surrounded by others, evangelists, usually with books or scrolls (not in biblical context) - II - the evangelists without their symbols, punching (surface marking technique), punched, Byzantine art, Archaeology, alloy, alloy, metal, brass (alloy), copper-zinc alloy, casting (process), cast (process), relief (sculpture techniques), Byzantine (culture and style)
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