CollectionBildarchiv Foto Marburg
Timespan2 quarter of the 17th century, Second millenium AD, Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000, First half of the 17th century, 17-th, 17th, 17th century
LocationNürnbergNoremburg & Nuremberg & Nürnberg
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Subject Termsreliefs (sculptures), relief (sculpture ), sculpture (visual works), sculptures (visual works), wax, waxes, pewter (tin alloy), black metal (pewter), pearl (animal material), pearls (animal material), stone (worked rock), stones (worked rocks), city council, townhall, Precaution, Roman personifications of abstract concepts, Agreement, Unity; 'Concordia', 'Concordia insuperabile', 'Concordia militare', 'Concordia di Pace', 'Unione civile' (Ripa), Justice; 'Forza alla giustitia sottoposta', 'Giustitia', 'Giustitia retta', 'Giustitia rigorosa', 'Impietà e violenza soggetta alla giustitia' (Ripa), Charity, 'Caritas'; 'Carità' (Ripa) ~ one of the Three Theological Virtues, commoners