The Cancioneiro da Ajuda, or Ajuda Songbook, originally known as Cancioneiro do Colégio do Nobres, or the Songbook of the College of Nobles, is the oldest known compilation of Galician-Portuguese lyrics. It is made up exclusively of 310 love songs by 38 different authors, and is the only Songbook known to be coeval with the poets. With codex manuscript on parchment, it is unusual because of its dimensions, its wealth of its decorations - which attest to the sung, instrumented and choreographic nature of the songs - but, above all, because of the fact that it is unfinished without an immediate explanation.

CollectionBiblioteca da Ajuda, Lisboa
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Subject Termsparchment (animal material), parchments (animal material), illuminated manuscripts, illuminated manuscript, literary characters and objects
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