Part 3: [Session 2, 23 April 2009] ED's diary for 1958: description. ED's friend Alice Rubenstein [AR]; reading diaries together. Boys, going steady, meetings in the park, rock and roll, movies. Canoodling aged six. Photos: Eddie, from Coney Island; Eileen Sroka, crossed out. ED's nickname, Lysie. Writing songs, reading one on tape. Changing friendships. Reading from diary: aspirations, plays seen, other boys. Love fantasies aged 12: weddings, home-making. Learning about sex from MSK; ED's reaction [15:24]. Sexual double standard. Summer camp; MSK working as nurse's aide; activities, sport and ballet, drama; location; sleeping quarters. Friendships. Stopping summer camp. Summer activities: the beach, fireworks; holidays with SK and MSK; trip to Florida, posh hotels in Miami; Niagara Falls. ED's dislike of being an only child. ED's diary on Cunningham School; early enthusiasm; teachers. ED's dislike of art classes. Abraham Lincoln High School [ALHS], going into sophomore year [30:40]. Getting to Cunningham by subway; going to Manhattan, looking at theatres; stops on the subway. Going home alone, activities, TV, learning dances from American Bandstand. ED's two groups of friends. Description of AR; AR's father and mother, and older sister Susan; AR's aspirations, compared to ED's; visiting shops on 5th Avenue, meeting neighbour, seeing Greta Garbo; ED not impressed by wealth. ED's continued friendship with AR; AR's university; staying in touch; meeting in NYC in early 1990s; AR's marriage, and her apartment; her politics, and ED's reaction; AR's note to ED on David Hare's 'Via Dolorosa' [45.01]; AR's appearance in 1990s. Nature of ALHS; size of school; triple sessions; kinds of courses; streaming. ED and school plays. ED's reaction to ALHS; friendships; sororities; sorority jackets. Nature of different sororities; ED's aspiration for Tri Dels; dressing up for interview; interview questions; ED's unease with meetings; purpose of sororities; banning of sororities. Bubbles, most popular girl in school. ED's sorority jacket. ED's desire to be a cheerleader; being in Junior Varsity. ED's academic achievements; problems with maths; disadvantage of skipping years. ED's dreams: acting, boys. Drama at ALHS; teachers; Varsity Show; getting kudos for acting [1:00:20]. Seeing Charlton Heston on TV, talking about drama at Northwestern University [NU]; deciding to go there. Attending National High School Institute summer school at NU with cousin RG, aged 15, ED's first time away from home. Living in dorm, putting on play, socialising. ED's feelings about going away from home; making friends. Getting accepted for NU; getting tutored for SATs; finding out about Jewish quota. Reaction to opening acceptance letter; SK's response, and MSK's. SK's pride in ED. MSK's salary paying for ED's education. ED's jobs, while at ALHS and NU; selling wedding dresses in Saks 34th Street [1:14:23]; description of wedding dresses; saving for college wardrobe, and buying it; role models; dieting. Admiration for Elizabeth Taylor; getting her autograph. Autograph hunting at stage doors; Broadway plays and musicals; seeing Royal Court [RCT] plays. ED's acting aspirations. Seeing 'Sweet Bird of Youth', and spotting Paul Newman in the street. Waiting at stage doors. Getting taken on for WNYE, New York educational radio station, recording plays and story-telling for schools; memories of listening to it at school; not going to final award ceremony, but winning best actress. Getting on American Musical Theatre, on HBO; asking questions of celebrities. ED's nerves about radio [1:30:00]; other actors, directors, rehearsals; nature of plays. Drama activities counting towards quota at NU. Starting at NU; journey with SK; SK's nerves and excitement; saying goodbye; ED's room-mate, her response to ED's eye-liner, her anti-Semitism. Joining sororities; girls ringing MSK to find out if ED was Jewish; not getting invitations because Jewish; joining Jewish sorority AE Phi, but quitting. MSK's reaction to anti-Semitic phone calls. High achievement of Jewish presence; ED's rebellion against it; wealth of other students; few black students. Being taught by Charlton Heston's sister, Lilla Heston; her classes in Interpretation of Literature; Shakespeare classes.

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