Suburban Street Scene

Suburban Street SceneVarious members of a family are filmed about and near their home in a new suburban housing estate. A young girl rides her bicycle down one of the estate's streets. Outside the front of a semi-detached house a man smokes a pipe and rocks a baby's pram, a nanny holds the baby by the front door. A biplane is filmed flying overhead. A woman plays with a shaggy dog in the back garden. A small boy pedals a miniature car around, while the girl rocks the baby's pram and plays on a wooden garage door. An interior shot shows the girl standing beside her mother sat on a swing holding the baby. The final shot is of the mother holding her baby in the garden.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionLondon’s Screen Archives
LocationUnited Kingdom; England; Greater London; Waltham Forest
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Subject TermsDomestic life