Braille music score for Organ, Braille manual: New international manual of Braille music notation, Print version braille presentation: na, Published in IT, Notes: Difficulty: medium Musical Era: Late Baroque. In this Dictionary it could be found the K that is the no. in Kochel, 1862; for items not in 1862 edn, no. from 2/1905 or 3/1937 given. Othewise it could be found the K6 that is no. in Kochel, 6/1964; nos. preceded by A,B or C in apendices. MW that are xix, 1; xx IV, no.55, that it does mean Edition Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Werke, ed. J. Brahms and others (Leipzig, 1877-1905/R). NMA that are the VIII: 20/ 1/ i, 3, that it does mean Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Neue Ausgabe Werke ed. internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg (Kassel, 1955-91). NWA; nos. shown, e.g.Series (IV): Werkgruppe (3)/Abteiwng (2)/Band (i), page (273)-IV: 3/ 2/ i, 273; Abteilung and Band nos. not always. Remarks from this Dictionary are: iv added Vienna late 1773, or Salzburg, early 1774. f= forte (D)= date from MS of work (not always clear).

CreatorMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionAssociazione Archibraille (ACCESSIBLE MUSIC SCORES), ARCHIBRAILLE, Italia
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Subject TermsString quartet
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