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Subject Termswealth, suppers, trains, medals, exhibitions, future, countryside, weather, beverages, sculptors, friends, farewell, traits of character, voyages and travels, general upper secondary school graduates, apes, wars, parades, embroidery, furnishings, artists, women, Spanish people, Darwinism, museums, weekly magazines, authors, writers, kings, nurses, swine, Sus scrofa domesticus, French people, alcohol (beverage), alcohol (intoxicants), hospitals, personality, temperature, national days, magazines, appearance (looks), May Day, means of conveyance, ships, lighting, world fairs, politics, annual holidays (celebrations), evolution, firework displays, art criticism, engravings, orders (requests), subscriptions, photographs, Midsummer, falling in love, champagne, Germans, monarchy, nobility, medals of honour, Stone Age, outings, medals for merit, steamboats, steamships, manors, country houses, French language, jurors, social life, scientists, English people, criticism, economy, engagement (betrothal), medical doctors, physicians, animals, natural sciences, philosophy, peace, drunkenness, clothes, newspapers, Disease
ProviderNational Library of Finland