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Subject TermsRussians, music, suppers, world fairs, politics, balls (entertainment events), Finns, Finnish people, exhibitions, countryside, songs, weather, beverages, orders (requests), subscriptions, friends, spring, champagne, Swedes, Swedish people, restaurants, traits of character, bowls, Germans, Norwegians, framed paintings and pictures, wars, divorce, femininity, Danish language, seasons, workers, ministers, ditties (songs), artists, women, Danes, Danish people, Nordic people, Scandinavians, languages, kings, French language, diplomats, social life, alcoholism, English people, priests, pastors, Danish identity, French people, Polish people, singers, birthdays, alcohol (beverage), alcohol (intoxicants), name days, musical instruments, instruments (musical), personality, temperature, drunkenness, letters, appearance (looks), Portrait
ProviderNational Library of Finland