Stone anthropomorphic figurine

Stone anthropomorphic figurineThis object is an anthropomorphic andesite figurine. The flat body, the rounded head and the phallic neck suggest that the figurine may represent a male. Eyes and mouth are indicated by oblong cavities. The top of the head is decorated with incised lines. The chest is square-shaped and the left shoulder blade is decorated with an engraved group of chevrons, while the right shoulder blade bears an oblique line. The arms are not indicated and the legs are divided by a deep vertical groove at the front and back. This figurine may be seen as the first recognizable artistic 'style' in Cyprus. The figurine is part of the Department of Antiquities' (Cyprus) collection.

CollectionDepartment of Antiquities, Cyprus/ The Cyprus Institute - STARC
YearLate pre-pottery Neolithic period (7th - 6th millennia BC)
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