Copper statuette of the 'Ingot God'

Copper statuette of the 'Ingot God'The statuette, solid cast in pure copper, represents a warrior standing on a base shaped in the form of a copper oxhide ingot. He is wearing a conical helmet with projecting horns and brandishes a spear in his right hand, while protecting his body with a small, round shield in the left hand. His pose recalls the aggressive posture of the Near Eastern 'Smiting God', although the figure features some novel characteristics, unparalleled outside Cyprus. This statuette is part of the Department of Antiquities' (Cyprus) collection.

CollectionDepartment of Antiquities, Cyprus/ The Cyprus Institute - STARC
YearLate Cypriot IIC-IIIA period (13th-12th century BC)
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Subject TermsStatue