Faience anthropomorphic vase

Faience anthropomorphic vaseThis faience vase is shaped in the form of a kneeling female in Egyptian dress and coiffure, holding a ram and carrying a baby on her back. The vase is hollow and has two openings. The figure kneels on a rectangular base decorated with a lion’s head. Inspired by Egyptian prototypes, such vessels are quite common around the Mediterranean in the 7th century BC, testifying the impact of Egyptian culture on Cyprus during the Archaic period. These vases are often associated with figurines of Egyptian deities who protect maternity and birth, such as Ptah – Patek and Isis – Hathor. The vase is part of the Department of Antiquities' (Cyprus) collection.

CollectionDepartment of Antiquities, Cyprus/ The Cyprus Institute - STARC
Year8th – 7th century BC
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