Bronze fitting from a funerary cart

Bronze fitting from a funerary cartThis cast bronze lion head was part of a funerary cart deposited in one of the Royal Tombs of ancient Salamis. The use of carts and chariots was common in rituals taking place in elite tombs of the Archaic period. The horses carrying the funerary chariots were usually sacrificed and buried in front of the tomb. Chariot burials are described in Homeric epics and Neo-Assyrian texts. The style of the surviving bronze fittings betray strong Assyrian influences. Horses and chariot burials of the 8th to the 6th century BC are known from elite tombs in the Aegean, Cyprus and Etruria. This object is part of the Department of Antiquities' (Cyprus) collection.

CollectionDepartment of Antiquities, Cyprus/ The Cyprus Institute - STARC
Year750 - 600 BC
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Subject TermsBronze