The "Lancellotti" Discobolus (Greek 5TH B.C.)

The The original Discobolus, or discus thrower, was sculpted in bronze by the 5th century B.C. Athenian sculptor Myron of Eleutherai. However, it is known only through various marble replicas made in Roman times, of which the ‘Lancellotti’ is the most complete. The figure is shown paused just before the moment of throwing the discus. Myron was developing towards that fluid naturalism that characterizes the best of Athenian sculpture. The cast in the Crawford collection was evidently taken in the 19th century from an inaccurately restored Roman copy, so that the head, which should have been turned to watch the discus, is instead facing forward.

CreatorAntonio Canova (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionCrawford Gallery
Timespan19th century, 5th century BC
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Subject TermsSculpture
ProviderIrish Manuscripts Commission