Francois I and Diane de Poitiers

Francois I and Diane de PoitiersThis painting depicts a scene at the Renaissance court of the king of France, Fran├žois I, where Diane of Poitiers has come to beg for the life of her condemned father. The central figure of the old woman holding a bible is flanked on one side by the King and Diane, on the other by two young lovers and at her feet a dwarf sits. There is no identified source text for the painting, however it can be linked to the story of the visit of Diane to the King of France, a very popular lore of that country.

CreatorMaclise, Daniel (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionCrawford Gallery
Timespan19th century
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Subject TermsPainitng, oil on canvas
ProviderIrish Manuscripts Commission