Lithuanian army’s parade on September 8, 1930. Foreign guests, diplomats and officers. Speech of President A.Smetona. Soldiers are ready for parade: uhlans on their horses. Spectators. Square. Parade begins. Mounted artillery. Uhlans. People in the tribune, in the square. Barracks of 7th regiment in Klaipėda. Soldiers of regiment. Trained pigeons. Armored vehicle “Perkūnas” and its’ crew. Soldier prepares message which is to be sent by the pigeon. Pigeon flies. Training of dogs. Officials of regiment. Soldiers play football with Soviet sailors and win by 15:0. Spectators. USSR warships at the wharf. Boat in the sea. Fisherman and his nets. Vehicle in the street.

CollectionLietuvos Centrinis Valstybés Archyvas
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Subject Termsmotion pictures (visual works), motion picture (visual work)
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