An air force festival in Aleksotas. A streamer with passengers sails in the river Nemunas. The planes fly over the river. Different shows of theatre artist on the bank of the river. Audience looks at the show. Different air show in the air. Pilots and a staff of air forces near the plains. Women soldiers are marching (maybe Skautai organization). Festive dinner of officers and soldiers. Officers with their family, spurced women and children. Fly German plain with swastika on wings. The participants of the fesival - officers, civils, clergy. Civils go to Lithuanian airlines plane Darius ir Girėnas. The plane flies. Winter, planes in airport in the winter. The pilot in a cabin before the flight. Mechanics are checking the plane. A view of unknown town from the flying plane. The plain is landing. Summer. Pilots and women. Air force festival. Soldiers look at prizes. Planes in the airport and pilots and mechanics near them. Plane flies in the air and drops bombs to the special targets. Old cars. Military orchestra. German airlines plane is landing. The President of Lithuania Antanas Smetona greets officers. A plane of Switzerland airlines. Plane airshow. Awarded officers and soldiers. Regale of officers and soldiers. Priest celebrates a Mass. A concert of chorus and orchestra. Women marching in traditional clothes. The President of Lithuania Antanas Smetona and the Leader of Lithuanian Army Stasys Raštikis. Clergy bless the planes. The President of Lithuania Antanas Smetona and Lithuanian Army Leader Stasys Raštikis sit to the carriage drawn by horses and circuit of the festive military line. Together with them are high military officers riding horses. The Prezident drives by the military motorcyclists line. The parade of planes in the sky.

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