Propaganda film about Kapsukas region’s collective farm "Sesupe. Life and working conditions of collective farmers are shown in details. Collective farm’s fields, farms, machinery. Collective farmers who are working for well-being of the Soviet Lithuania. Landscape, fields, river Šešupė. Man leads a horse, an old windmill. Collective farm “Sesupe”. New houses, rural road. The soldier, having returned home after three years of service, watch the innovations. The new rural street with new houses. New stables, cowshed and pigsty. New power plant supplies the collective farm’s sawmill with electrical power; furniture production. Electrified dairy. The second new school in the collective farm. Schoolgirl returns home, washes her hands in the sink – water is installed in the house. The whole family starts to eat lunch. Collective Farm’s nursery and kindergarten. Children eat lunch outside, small children are sleeping outdoors. Collective farm’s chairman Miežlaiškis talks about construction of the collective farm’s houses and outbuildings. Agricultural machinery. Preparation for sowing. Brigade leader Kurtinaitis supervises the works, examines the seed germination in the laboratory. Collective farmers load the peat compost to the trucks with shovels. Soil preparation for sowing. Sowing begins. Sowing brigade leader Pažemėkas checks the seed quality. Sugar beet. Collective farm’s specialists fix broken equipment. Agricultural aviation fertilizes the fields. Women work in the dairy farm. They are milking cows by hands. Cows graze on pastures that are sown with rye, clover, vetch, oats. Milkers Gasparavičienė, Šermukšnytė, Maskeliūnienė. Zootechnics specialist Romančinskas helps the collective farmers. Speech of the collective farm’s chairman.

CreatorV.Dabašinskas (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionLietuvos Centrinis Valstybés Archyvas
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Subject Termsmotion pictures (visual works), motion picture (visual work)
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