Kaunas‘ flood in 1946. flooded streets in Kaunas /images from the flying boat/. Flooded gates, fences and buildings. Panorama of Kaunas. The railway bridge. The Neman River. Floes. Broken trees. Broken telegraph poles. Destroyed wooden houses. Ruins. People clear ruins, throwing pieces of ice away. People clean the ruins. Workers brick the hole in the wall of the house. People passing through the water. Rider in the severely flooded street. The flooded bus in the street. Horse-drawn carriage in the flooded street. A man rows with plank sitting in the iron bath. Another man in the bigger bath. Another man uses the coffin instead of flying boat. Man goes canoeing. A large boat with people. Other boats with people. Sail boat in the submerged street. People on the floes, on the coast next to the Vytautas Church. People climb up the balcony. People stand in the balconies, climb up the boats. Various places in submerged Kaunas - streets, squares. Tidal effects - destructions.

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