Electrophotographic reproduction apparatus ERA at work. Principle of operation of the apparatus and its’ prints are demonstrated. General view of design and construction office room. Drawers copy the drawings. Apparatus ERA makes the same work just in a few minutes. Printing machines are used to print the large print run. Offset printing forms preparation is demonstrated. Weld seams are photographed by Gamma or X-rays. Paper photo is made by apparatus ERGA. Samples of X-ray photos. Seismic station, seismograph records the vibrations of the earth on the ring-shaped semiconductor paper tape. Electrophotographic duplicating machine EMA prints using semiconductor paper. Electrophotographic rotary printing machine EFKA at work. Laboratory model in Vilnius Electrophotographic scientific research institute is designed in collaboration with Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) association of optical mechanical enterprises. Electrophotographic equipment and materials made in Lithuania.

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