Family-scenes of the Hähnle family, who lived in Giengen an der Brenz during World War I. In the garden, a soldier demonstrates how to wear a gas mask. Lina (founder of the Alliance for protection of birds) and Hermann Hähnle digging up the garden; children feeding ducks. Dr. Otto Hähnle (director of Vereinigte Filzfabriken, Giengen) with his family feeding ducks in the garden in Giengen. Lina and Hermann Hähnle arrive in a horse-drawn carriage at their villa. They are welcomed by children and adults.

CollectionLandesfilmsammlung BW
TimespanTime, 20-th, 20th, 20th century, Chronological period, Early 20th century, Second millenium AD, Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000
(Landesfilmsammlung BW)
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Subject TermsWorld War I
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