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Pitted Hammer StonePitted Hammer Stone
Necklace Of Bone FlutesNecklace Of Bone Flutes
Musical Bow W/ Resonator HangaMusical Bow W/ Resonator "Hanga"
Bone Awl Or NeedleBone Awl Or Needle
Chipped FlintsChipped Flints
Konate Red Shields Tripods, Leaves, Covers, EtcKonate Red Shields Tripods, Leaves, Covers, Etc
Knife HandleKnife Handle
Basketry FishtrapBasketry Fishtrap
Series Of SticksSeries Of Sticks
Ivory Carving - Arctic HareIvory Carving - Arctic Hare
Ivory Harpoon HeadIvory Harpoon Head
Pot Rest Of YuccaPot Rest Of Yucca
Worked Scapula Fragment/1Worked Scapula Fragment/1
Arrow & Dart PointsArrow & Dart Points
Stone Celt.Stone Celt.
Ivory PickIvory Pick
Frame For 095481Frame For 095481
Bone Awls And FragmentsBone Awls And Fragments
Combination Lamp And LanternCombination Lamp And Lantern
Tubular Bone Bead/1Tubular Bone Bead/1
Covered BasketCovered Basket
Grooved Abrader FragmentGrooved Abrader Fragment
Pottery JarPottery Jar
Carved Slate Plaque 1Carved Slate Plaque 1
War Horn IvoryWar Horn Ivory
Pottery FragmentsPottery Fragments
Deer Skin HoodDeer Skin Hood
Mask, PascolaMask, Pascola
Bone Awls Or Polishing Tool FragmentBone Awls Or Polishing Tool Fragment
Worked FlakesWorked Flakes
Claystone Tube FragmentClaystone Tube Fragment
Arrow Or Spear Heads, Flint. AsymmetricArrow Or Spear Heads, Flint. Asymmetric
Pottery VesselsPottery Vessels
Elm Bark Basket Or PailElm Bark Basket Or Pail
Pair Of BraceletsPair Of Bracelets
Processional CandleholderProcessional Candleholder
Rim SherdRim Sherd
Large WedgeLarge Wedge
Earthen BowlEarthen Bowl
Earthenware VesselEarthenware Vessel
Earthen BowlEarthen Bowl
Grooved Stone AxGrooved Stone Ax
Trinket BoxTrinket Box
Earthenware CanteenEarthenware Canteen
Knife Or WedgeKnife Or Wedge
Stone Celt - Polished.Stone Celt - Polished.
Pottery FragmentsPottery Fragments
Carved Wooden Man's FigureCarved Wooden Man's Figure
Stone TubeStone Tube
Pottery FragmentsPottery Fragments
Arrow Heads, Knives & C.Arrow Heads, Knives & C.
Ivory Or Horn Bow For DrillingIvory Or Horn Bow For Drilling
Fragments Of Bone Or Ivory ObjectsFragments Of Bone Or Ivory Objects
Charms Or Amulets Worn On The Person, Dried BirdsCharms Or Amulets Worn On The Person, Dried Birds
Wooden AwlsWooden Awls
Stone Hoe, Chipped - NotchedStone Hoe, Chipped - Notched
Wooden Handle PerforatorWooden Handle Perforator
Battle Ax ChilondaBattle Ax "Chilonda"
Rubber Stone For MetateRubber Stone For Metate
Fragment Of Shell AdzeFragment Of Shell Adze
Stoneware BottleStoneware Bottle
Fragments Of ClothFragments Of Cloth
Birch-Bark BoxBirch-Bark Box
Miniature CradleMiniature Cradle
Wooden DishWooden Dish
4 Wax Tomatoes4 Wax Tomatoes
Ivory Poke StopperIvory Poke Stopper
Hemp PipeHemp Pipe
Basket Close WorkedBasket Close Worked
War ClubWar Club
1 Of 5 Samples Of Paint 51 Of 5 Samples Of Paint 5
Basketry FragmentsBasketry Fragments
Painting: Ten Symbols Of Long Life (Sipjangsaeng-Do)Painting: Ten Symbols Of Long Life (Sipjangsaeng-Do)
Beaded SashBeaded Sash
Fetish Carved From QuartzFetish Carved From Quartz
Boy's CostumeBoy's Costume
Potter's ClayPotter's Clay
Earthenware Vessel, BrokenEarthenware Vessel, Broken
Painted Potsherds/8Painted Potsherds/8
Fluted Point FragmentFluted Point Fragment
Stone KnifeStone Knife
Wooden MaskWooden Mask
Ungulate teeth; unidentified shellUngulate teeth; unidentified shell
Man's KnifeMan's Knife
Knife SheathKnife Sheath
Quartz ArrowpointsQuartz Arrowpoints
A Courting Song, Inscribed on BambooA Courting Song, Inscribed on Bamboo
Small Stone Discs (6)Small Stone Discs (6)
Boat Builders ToolBoat Builders Tool
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