Bechtler gold half-eagle ($5.00), 1834-1837

Bechtler gold half-eagle ($5.00), 1834-1837Bechtler gold half-eagle ($5.00), 1834-1837, Despite the Bechtlers’ success in striking coins, their minting operations did not increase to such an extent that it occupied all the family’s time in their shop in Rutherford County, N.C. In the 1830s and throughout the 1840s, the Bechtlers also continued to promote themselves in newspaper advertisements as jewelers, watchmakers, and gunsmiths. Both Christopher, Sr., and his son Augustus invested a great deal of their time crafting pistols and rifles, which became famous in the region for their innovative designs and accuracy. They also produced finely crafted tools. One such tool created by Augustus, a surveyor’s level, is preserved today in the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh., Title supplied by respository

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