Utjecaj dodatka trehaloze na kvalitetu paste od jagoda

Utjecaj dodatka trehaloze na kvalitetu paste od jagodaToday, costumer’s demands for higher quality of food products are more pronounced than ever. To satisfy costumer’s demands, high attention is paid to new product development or improvement of properties of existing product (by addition of different ingredients, improvement of processing, packaging ect.). The most important quality factors are aroma, texture and colour. Strawberry pastes are used as fillings for chocolates, energy bars and other products that contain fruit. In industry, strawberry pastes are prepared by evaporation and without trehalose addition. To improve quality of this product, next to industrial process of preparation, freeze-drying was used. Its influence and influence of different concentrations of trehalose addition on aroma, texture, colour, anthocyanin content and free radical scavenging activity were studied. Influence of different atmospheres (nitrogen and air) for packaging during storage for 5 months at room temperature on mentioned properties were also studied. Trehalose is one of most stable sugars. Since enzymatic process for its production is developed its price is lower, so it is expected that its use in food industry will grow because trehalose have positive effect on different quality properties of products. Addition of trehalose caused property change of strawberry pastes in both evaporated and freeze-dried samples in comparation to samples without trehalose addition. Fruity esters content was higher in samples when trehalose was added. Trehalose also had positive effect on texture, colour degradation and retention of anthocyanins in samples. Freeze-drying also improves quality of product. Fruity esters content, retention of anthocyanins and retention of colour were higher in freeze-dried samples. After storage, samples with trehalose added had higher content of fruity esters and anthocyanin content.

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