Određivanje kriterija za ocjenu uspjeha građevinskih projekata javno-privatnog partnerstva

Određivanje kriterija za ocjenu uspjeha građevinskih projekata javno-privatnog partnerstvaThe paper explores the possibility of measuring the success of public-private partnership (PPP) construction projects, aimed at increasing understanding of success and measuring the success of building PPP/PFI projects from the client perspective. Development of theoretical foundation began analyzing the concept of success and the success of the project, the characteristics of public-private partnerships in the implementation of construction projects with a thorough analysis of the private finance initiative (PFI) model, social roles and political goals of the public sector in the economic development of society and the interests, goals and the role of the client in PPP/PFI project. Applying scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction and induction from the available literature resources created new theories in identifying a set of criteria for measuring the success of construction PPP/PFI projects for clients. Applying scientific methods of survey and statistical analysis of data that includes analysis of descriptive statistics indicators explored the significance of these criteria for clients in Croatia. Using the method of multivariate statistics "factor method" all significant success criteria are grouped into the appropriate data structures and dimensions of success building PPP/PFI projects for clients in Croatia are derived. Furthermore, transformation model for all possible realistic scenarios for different success criteria that reduces the results of achieved success measured by different success criteria on a common measurement scale is proposed. Model enables that achieved success of PPP/PFI projects measured by different success criteria could be compared with each other and also that achieved overall success of different PPP/PFI projects can be comparable. Theoretical modeling and verification of empirical applicability of the model was demonstrated for the representative success criteria for construction PPP/PFI projects for clients in Croatia that constitute success dimension "Project Delivery (PD)" because it perceive success in the life-cycle phase of the construction PPP/PFI project which is realized in the practice of PPP/PFI projects implementation in Croatia and it is possible to verify the empirical applicability of these success criteria. Empirical application of each representative criterion is conducted on a sample of the PPP/PFI projects in the Croatia and the descriptive statistics indicators of achieved success of these projects, measured with considered criteria, are calculated. The analysis carried out in this paper allowed the set of criteria that show the most important components of the success of construction PPP/PFI projects for clients to be identify and structuring the appropriate success dimensions of construction PPP/PFI projects for clients in Croatia, and further establishment and the empirical confirmation of the transformation model for considered success criteria which allows comparability of achieved success measured with different criteria. The paper concludes that it is possible to measure the success of construction PPP/PFI projects for clients, and conducted research contributes to clients in increasing the understanding of achieved success of construction PPP/PFI projects and the increasing success of future construction PPP/PFI projects.

CreatorKušljić, Danijel (Search Europeana for this person)
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Subject TermsTECHNICAL SCIENCES. Civil Engineering. Construction Organization and Technology., Business management, administration. Commercial organization, PPP, PFI, success evaluation, dimensions, criteria, transformation model
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