Fragmented. Imported glazed ware plate with brown and green Sgraffito (Al Mina ware). Shallow body, flat rim with raised ridge at the inner border, low base with up-turned edge. White slip over the interior. The decoration consists of monsterous animals, one of which is a ram (?). Around the rim there are circles within lozenges 1989/XI-14/. Provenance: Nicosia, Androkleous and Pindareos Street

(Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus)
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Subject Termsglazing (coating process), glazed (general coating process), ceramic glaze, ceramic glazes, sgraffito (technique), decoration, graffito, Byzantine art, Archaeology, glaze (coating by location), glazes (coatings by location), Byzantine (culture and style), plates (general, dishes), plate (general, dish), ceramic (material), ceramic material
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