Cypriot Sgraffito bowl. Upturned ring base. Conical lower body. Coarse red clay. Yellowish glaze over white slip on interior and also on the exterior of rim. Central motif: Bird incised, with lines all over the body, with two small scrolls on either side of its neck. Group of four parallel lines incised around the lip. Lines of brown paint on the body of the bird, splashes of colour on the scrolls and round the rim. Restored. Fragmented. Paphos workshop. Provenance: Paphos Horteni ?. Polis Chrysochous

(Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus)
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Subject Termsglazing (coating process), glazed (general coating process), ceramic glaze, ceramic glazes, sgraffito (technique), decoration, graffito, Byzantine art, Archaeology, glaze (coating by location), glazes (coatings by location), clay, clays, Byzantine (culture and style)
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