Cypriot Sgraffito wide shallow bowl. Fragmented. Restored. Upturned ring base. Buff clay, yellow glaze. Only the base is undecorated. Interior: Overall motif. A double headed- eagle (the second head is missing) looking to the right and a circle filled with lozenge to its right, in the background. On the shoulder of the bird a hatched vase shaped object. Exterior: yellow and green glaze. A line of spirals in yellow glaze. Paphos Workshop. Provenance: Kouklia

(Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus)
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Subject Termsglazing (coating process), glazed (general coating process), ceramic glaze, ceramic glazes, sgraffito (technique), decoration, graffito, Byzantine art, Archaeology, glaze (coating by location), glazes (coatings by location), clay, clays, Byzantine (culture and style)
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