Basilica of San Vitale, presbytery, north wall, lunette, mosaic decoration: representations of two episodes of Story of Abraham (Genesis). Lunette, left side: Abraham and the Three Angels. Sarah stands inside the shed, while Abraham offers a veal dish to the angels. The angels are depicted taking three cross breads on the table. Lunette, right side: Sacrifice of Isaac. Abraham, clad in sacerdotal clothes, holds a knife in his right hand and he touches Isaac’s head with his left. A ram on the ground will replace Isaac. On top left side, in the middle of a cloudy sky, the divine hand detains Abraham to kill his own son.

(Ravenna Diocese)
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Subject TermsByzantine art, Archaeology, Byzantine (culture and style), mosaic (process), pâte de verre (glass), stone (worked rock), stones (worked rocks), gold (metal), Au, the sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22), wall coverings, wall covering
ProviderAMSHistorica - University of Bologna