Neonian Baptistery, wall mosaic decoration, cupola, framed medallion: the Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan. Christ is shown naked and half-submerged in the river. John the Baptist, holding a jeweled cross, is raising a paten on Christ's head. On the left, half-submerged in the river, a white-haired old man stands holding a reed; he is the personification of the river Jordan. Above the Holy Spirit is depicted in the form of a dove.

(Ravenna Diocese)
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Subject TermsByzantine art, Archaeology, Byzantine (culture and style), mosaic (process), pâte de verre (glass), baptism of Christ in the river Jordan: John the Baptist pouring out water on Christ's head: the Holy Ghost descends, gold (metal), Au
ProviderAMSHistorica - University of Bologna