Arian Baptistery, wall mosaic decoration, cupola: the Baptism of Christ. Christ is shown naked, beardless and half-submerged in the river. Christ is flanked by John the Baptist on the right and a personification of the river Jordan on the left. He is clad in a green cloak, holding a reed and crowned with crab claws. Above, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove sprays lustral water from its beak.

(Polo Museale Emilia Romagna)
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Subject Termsmarble (rock), marbles (rocks), Byzantine art, Archaeology, Byzantine (culture and style), mosaic (process), pâte de verre (glass), baptism of Christ in the river Jordan: John the Baptist pouring out water on Christ's head: the Holy Ghost descends, gold (metal), Au, wall coverings, wall covering
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