A large, semicircular icon of Mother of God following the iconographic type of Blachernitissa. She is shown half-length, frontally with both arms upraised in prayer in the Orant pose, namely at either side of her body. The figure is accompanied by an inscription, successively identifying in Greek and in Latin. A medallion of the Christ is depicted in front of her chest. Provenance: Askas, Cyprus

(Byzantine Museum of Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and Oreinis)
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Subject Termstempera, tempera paint, Mary as orante (sometimes called 'Blacherniotissa'), Byzantine art, Archaeology, 'Platytera', i.e. Mary in orans-position with the Christ-child in a clipeus in front of her, wood (plant material), wooden, icons (devotional images), icon (devotional image), painting (image-making), painted (image-making), relief (sculpture techniques), Byzantine (culture and style)
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