Basilica of Saint Apollinaire in Classe, wall mosaic decoration, apse half-dome: Transfiguration. Christ is represented by the jewelled cross framed in the blue clypeus, which is decorated with 99 golden stars; god’s figure is depicted on the small medallion on cross centre. Inscriptions are on clypeus extremities: greek word “ixzus” is on top, latin expression “salus mundi” is under cross base, greek letters alpha and omega are beside cross branches. Moses and Elijah appear from clouds sideways central clypeus.

(Polo Museale Emilia Romagna)
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Subject Termsthe Transfiguration: Moses and Elijah appear on either side of Christ on Mount Tabor (Matthew 17:1-13; Mark 9:2-13; Luke 9:28-36), Byzantine art, Archaeology, mother of pearl, mother-of-pearl, Byzantine (culture and style), mosaic (process), pâte de verre (glass), gold (metal), Au, wall coverings, wall covering
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