Basilica of Saint Apollinaire in Classe, wall mosaic decoration, apse, south wall: Abel, Abraham and Melchidesech Sacrificing, episodes of Genesis. In the middle, beside an altar with bread and kantharos, is depicted Melchizedek, on his right side is represented Abraham with his son Isaac, on the left side is figured Abel, offering a lamb. On scene top, on the left, is depicted dextera dei.

(Ravenna Diocese)
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Subject Termsmarble (rock), marbles (rocks), Byzantine art, Byzantine (culture and style), pâte de verre (glass), gold (metal), Au, the sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22), wall coverings, wall covering, Archaeology, Abel offering (alone) (+ variant), mother of pearl, mother-of-pearl, mosaic (process)
ProviderAMSHistorica - University of Bologna