Views of Park

Views of ParkThe film begins in a park on a hillside looking down over a city (presumably London, but no recognisable buildings are discernable). A large house sits amongst formal flowerbeds and lawned areas and specimen trees. Some women walk amongst the gardens. A view of a street of suburban semi-detached housing is followed by a view down an urban street, with a fire engine racing down it and out of shot. The camera remains in position and captures more traffic including cars, trucks, a cyclist and a motorcycle with sidecar. Another scene is recorded outside a church where a wedding is to take place. The bride and her father are recorded entering the church, and after the service the bride and groom are photographed on the church steps in front of well wishers. There follow some shots of a family playing with a spaniel type dog in the back garden of a suburban house, and others pushing children about in a wheelbarrow. Some wintertime shots of a shopping street include the shop fronts of Macs Fruiterers, Edward Kingston (appears to be a butchers) and a branch of United Dairies. Some more wintry scenes are filmed about the industrial area around Wandsworth Creek, with ice floating in the River Wandle and Bell Lane Creek. In the background are visible gasometers, factory chimneys and the railway line from Clapham Junction. The buildings of Ram Brewery are filmed with a close up of a dedicatory stone laid by Herbert G. Bainbridge in 1882. The film concludes with film shot in a park and its glasshouses and more shots of the spaniel in the back garden.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionLondon’s Screen Archives
LocationUnited Kingdom; England; Greater London; Wandsworth
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Subject TermsBreweries, Parks