Manor Park

Manor ParkThe film begins with children playing in Manor Park near a bandstand at the North end of the park, one girl carries a doll, one rides a bicycle, another pushes a toy pram. A small boy pulls a wheel on a stick. A man (possibly their father) accompanies them. At Sutton Railway Station, some men in plus fours and caps carrying golf bags walk from platform 4, as do other smartly dressed passengers, while a uniformed policeman walks into the station. (There follows a single frame image of the front of Sutton Railway Station, with kiosks (newsagents?) below, named Hall & Co. Ltd and H.E. Watson this is not visible when film is run at normal speed). In Sutton town centre at the intersection of High Street and Cheam Road, a white-sleeved policeman guides traffic including double decker omnibuses (one marked 'General' the other 'East Surrey' on the side), private automobiles, cyclists, and a horse drawn covered wagon. Pedestrians cross the street in the foreground, while in the background is a branch of Barclays Bank on the street corner. On the intersection of High Street and Carshalton Road (with a Lloyds Bank branch on that corner) an 88 double decker omnibus passes. People are filmed getting on and off the back of the 88 bus, as the conductor stands at the bottom of the stairs. A schoolboy pushes his bicycle along the pavement holding hands with his infant sister. A smartly dressed woman walks four Pekinese type dogs on leads down a street, before unleashing them and letting them run about.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionLondon’s Screen Archives
LocationUnited Kingdom; England; Greater London; Sutton
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Subject TermsParks, Railway stations, Urban life